Personalize your own triplicate or duplicate books

Give your business personality with custom triplicate or duplicate books

Personalize your own triplicate or duplicate books and give your business the professional approach is deserves. We use self-carbonized paper which means you don’t need to carry around the carbon paper. Instead we include a writing shield so you don’t use more than one set at a time.

You can order your books in whatever size you need and with as many sheets per set as necessary for your business. The books can printed in colour or black – which is the recommended choice to keep costs low.

The secret life of your book

Your artwork will be made into positives(1) and burnt onto a plate(2) After the plate is burnt it is cleaned and put into the press(3). The coloured ink is then poured into the inking tray where a roller and your paper meet, leaving your paper with your artwork in ink to dry.

Once the drying is complete the paper gets sent to the numbering and perforating machine. Here the sheets are stamped onto the paper and perforated. Your sheets are then collated(4) to create your sets, a writing shield is added and the book is then stapled together. Once the books are stapled we cover the spine and staples with tape to colour code the books and also enforce the staples so your books won’t fall apart.

Your books then get their spines numbered and together with their friends, get put into boxes. They are then sent on their way to your door step.

(1) Positive/s: Think of a positive as sunblock. Whatever is on the positive will be safe from the burning light. The rest will be horribly burnt and will fade away (aka peel)

(2) Plate/s: These are not your average dinner plates but instead a large sheets of metal. The sheet has a substance covering one side. This substance reacts to light allowing it to cure and set the artwork on the positive.

(3) Press: It’s not the size of your standard desktop printer but rather a machine weighing up to 1 ton. It is the machine that puts the ink to paper.