About the Spencer’s Ink team

About Spencer’s Ink

Spencer’s Ink was established in 2014. The Spencer’s Ink team combined, have over 40 years worth of experience in the printing trade making us the ones to trust with your printing needs. Our expertise allows us to provide the best service to our client without breaking the bank.

Spencer’s Ink was first based in Johannesburg but later moved to its current location in Primrose, Germiston to allow for new customer base in a more visible location. Spencer’s Ink specializes in book printing but also offer a wide variety of other printing services such as; Business cards, Calendars, Posters, Computer paper, Flyers, Brochures, Note pads and much more.

The name

Gethryn Spencer established the business in 2014 when he decided to venture into his own business. Over the years clients had gotten to know Gethryn as ‘Spencer’ due to the difficult pronunciation of his first name; Gethryn [Geth-rin]. When the idea of opening his own business came about Gethryn knew that he was well-known in the printing industry and with his clients as ‘Spencer’ and because printing had to do with Ink – Spencer’s Ink was born.

The Team

Kirsten joined the Spencer’s Ink team in February of 2014 shortly after completing her studies. Her job was to assist Gethryn with the administration of Spencer’s Ink as well as to deliver the jobs to the clients; whom she got to know very well. She recently became the face of Spencer’s Ink when she became the boss and full owner of Spencer’s Ink.

Facts about Kirsten:

  • She is Gethryn Spencer’s Daughter in-law to be
  • She has a degree in Interior design
  • Her passion for her clients comes from the love she has working with people
  • She is Durban born and raised


For a detailed quote please contact Kirsten on 082 214 5532 or email hello@spencersink.co.za alternatively you can fill in the form on the contact page and Kirsten will contact you.